Compliant handrail and balustrades for schools across New Zealand

Designing and building a school is a monumental undertaking. Complying with the Ministry’s requirements, is of course, non-negotiable to ensure the school is safe and fit for purpose through all stages of the project.

Here at Moddex, we understand how important it is for every aspect from design right through to construction to satisfy the wish lists of teachers, pupils, parents, boards of trustees, and above all conform to the Ministry’s requirements. Failing to meet any of these requirements, can mean cost consequences and significant delays to your project.

Thanks to the many years research, development, design and engineering behind every pre-designed modular configuration, Moddex handrail and balustrade systems are 100% industry and Ministry standard compliant. Our end to end solution is a cleverly crafted process that begins with carefully designed plans and continues right through to construction to make the entire customer experience smooth, hassle free, with a great end result.

With Moddex’s end to end solution, everyone in the process benefits.

Here’s how we make EverythingFits™ for you.

Key Benefits for Designers and Specifiers

  • Save time, ensure accuracy & speed up design processes – Our downloadable ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit & Tekla files mean designers no longer need to build their own family of products, but instead can configure the correct sized Moddex systems within their design.
  • Proprietary pre-engineered modular system – speed up council consent process with readily available producer statements.
  • Certainty of compliance – entire modular system (not just components) 100% compliance-tested for complete peace of mind when it comes to safety, security and durability

Key benefits for the Construction Team

  • Reduced ambiguity on site – working closely with our client by using their 3D model or conducting a site measure, we create design-intent drawings that capture a snapshot of the proposed installation. This picks up the extent and location of handrails, ensuring a functional, safe and compliant system is delivered to you that reflects the true geometry of the site.
  • Reduced time on site – Working around school schedules to ensure minimal disruptions to school operations can be challenging. Unlike fabricated or other modular systems on the market, Moddex modular kits come complete with custom-designed modular connecting components that adapt to site conditions. Installation is quick and easy – we’re at least 50% faster on-site than any other barrier system.
  • Easy to install – the Moddex kit is delivered complete with all components and an easy-to-follow installation guide. Every component is numbered and corresponds to the guide, avoiding confusion, time delays and giving fully compliant results. 

Key benefits for Schools

  • Quality & Compliant – You can have ultimate peace of mind that our modular systems reduce risk and ensure safety for the students. Our end-to-end process means our handrails and balustrades have been designed in conjunction with the architect, contractor, and client, meaning any potential issues have been covered early on in the process, leaving no grey areas around compliance.
  • Minimal disruption of school operations during install – the modular nature of our system lends itself to flat pack delivery, minimising clutter on the school site. The no-weld technology allows installers to work efficiently with fewer tools, less dust and noise, and with no hot works
  • Low cost of ownership – The school environment can be tough on handrails but you can be rest assured our pre-engineered design will stand the test of time, meaning you can enjoy a low lifetime cost of ownership and minimal maintenance. If a part should be damaged, simply order a replacement. As its not welded, it makes it a simple job for any caretaker to maintain.
  • Consistency – When Moddex is involved, you get a quality and consistent looking finish due to our well tested processes. Our product families ensure that the way architects specify the project is exactly the way it gets built onsite.

Moddex – one less thing to worry about.

It’s no surprise most Ministry of Education projects are using Moddex handrail and balustrade solutions. Because at Moddex, EverythingFits™.

Contact us today to find out how we can take care of design and installation of your handrails and balustrades from start to finish.