Modddex Website Upgrade and Online Store Review

At Moddex, our mission is to provide the best service possible to our customers every single day. 

As part of our comprehensive research and development program, we’re constantly seeking out new materials, design and manufacturing methods to bring you the most cost-effective, quality products on the market. 

Our continual improvement and innovation does not stop with our products. 

As part of the review of our online presence, we assessed the utilisation and functionality of our online store. The review identified several opportunities for Moddex to better present our products and make them available for you with the right advice and information to meet your project needs. 

As we implement the findings from our online review, the Moddex web store will be offline.

You can still order products and obtain the right advice for your project by contacting us today on:

1800 663 339 or emailing our sales team at

We are committed to providing you with the best service and quality products and will keep you updated on any future product developments.

Choose your product from the available ranges, select the finish, mount type and gradient range, check the price, then order online.