Achieving Compliance in AS1428 Applications

A kerbrail system is required on ramps and their intermediate landings;

  • whenever the ramp is deemed public access
  • or otherwise required.

There are many guidelines that need to be followed for a compliant kerbrail system. The most important guidelines for compliant kerbrails in AS1428 applications are listed below;

  • Kerbrails are required on both sides of a ramp, however if one side or both are solid walls, then no kerbrail is required on these walls.
  • The height of the top of the kerbrail shall not be within the range of 75mm to 150mm above the finished floor.
  • The maximum gap allowed between the very bottom of the kerbrail and the finished floor is 75mm.
  • The ramp-side face of the kerbrail is to be flush with the ramp-side face of the handrail OR no greater than 100mm behind the ramp-side face of the handrail. A kerbrail that protrudes past the ramp-side face of the handrail is deemed non-compliant to AS1428.
Achieving Compliance AS1428

Moddex Flexalyte Kerbrail systems comply with all AS1428 requirements. Available off-the-shelf for immediate flat pack delivery across Australian and New Zealand.

To save time, resource and ease of installation when specifying Moddex stair handrails or balustrades please consult the Compliance Tip or contact us on 1800 663 339 or