Our Diverse Team

At Moddex, we recognise that our employees are key to the success of our organisation and we want our people to be Happy, Challenged and Winning.

We are about challenging the norms to create an inspiring and safe workplace for everyone. We understand that our team comes from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and embracing this diversity enables Moddex to better serve our customers and community.

When we actively support diversity and create a culture that is respectful and inclusive of the individual differences and perspectives each of us brings to the table, this has an impact on the quality of our service we deliver to our customers.

Our aim is to attract, keep and promote the most qualified person for the job, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or education. We strive to make our workplace inclusive, supportive and free of discrimination or harassment.

We have taken proactive steps towards building a more diverse team and empowering women in the workplace where we have almost equal gender representation in our executive team.

Employee Feedback

Our employees are our most valuable asset and team engagement is critical to us. To collect and manage this we use a program called ‘EPIC’. This provides us a simple way to measure employee satisfaction and give us actionable tips to help make our workplace more enjoyable. EPIC is totally anonymous so everyone in the team feels safe and confident to share what they really think.

What 3 words would you use to describe our workplace culture?

  • “Energetic, Controlled, Welcoming”
  • “Fun, Interesting, Safe”
  • “Rewarding, Challenging, Interesting”
  • “Supportive, Friendly, Professional”
  • “Harmonious, Fun, Lively”
  • “Unique, Inclusive, Diversified”
  • “Ethical, Teamship, Collaboration”
  • “Motivated, Loyal, Willingness”

What motivates you to come to work at Moddex aside from money?

  • “I enjoy working for a company where I can feel free to contribute and use my experience and skills.”
  • “As a new starter it’s the challenges that are helping me grow and develop.”
  • “Our culture and the sense of appreciation and reward.”

What’s the #1 thing that makes you want to recommend Moddex?

  • “You’re not just being supported by one person at Moddex, you have the support of a whole team.”
  • “Care about their customers. Professionalism and courtesy.”
  • “We will make sure you get what you need no matter how much it takes”