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Speed and Ease of Install

  • Specifically designed with KiwiRail to overcome traditional long-winded and difficult walkway installation
  • Cuts downtime to a fraction of previous walkway installs. (Installation completed in hours not days)
  • Reduce and remove the hassles of engineering and design with this pre-engineered and proprietary system, complete with a PS1.
  • Simple installation from above the structure
  • Safety of install – designed to be installed from the top which removes scaffolding costs and downtime
  • No drilling/welding or hot works required on site during install
  • Moddex offers support and training for teams to get a full understanding of install needs. 



  • Can be added to a bridge prior to any maintenance and used as an access platform.
  • Installs directly onto bridge structures, separate to the sleepers and tracks. This allows for the sleepers to be removed and replaced without dismantling the walkway or handrail – allowing the bridge to be safe for access prior and during sleeper and track work.
  • Supplied in modular kit-set form including all fixings. Packed in 6.5m sections, making transport to site straight-forward.


Safe, Compliant and Approved

  • Fully compliant retrofittable walkway proprietary system that is pre-engineered and certified
  • Type Approved (Certificate Number B-TA-1001),  meaning if you are on the KiwiRail network, this solution is approved for use
  • Removes risk of falling during inspections and future maintenance
  • Modular, pre – engineered retrofit system means that JSA/SSSP requirements will be consistent and reliable, allowing for a greater margin of safety.

Cost Savings*

*Based off customer feedback


Moddex KlipTread™ System has been designed to comply with:

  • AS/NZS 1170.1 – TABLE 3.3
  • B1 of the New Zealand Building Code
  • NZS/AS 1657:2018 – CL6.1

PS1 documentation available upon request. Contacts us here