Unforeseen onsite obstacles come up time and time again when installing handrails and balustrades. For fabricators, project managers and clients alike, this presents a huge headache in lengthy and costly project delays. At Moddex®, we thrive on using innovative engineering design expertise to identify early and solve every potential barrier project issue. Thanks to Moddex modular innovation, installation times can quite literally be cut in half. We deliver industry-standard-compliant, fit-for-purpose modular barrier systems, making your projects a success, every time.

By engaging Moddex’s end-to-end expertise, you’ll completely avoid the need for re-cutting, and on and off-site welding and customisation. Unlike traditional welded barrier systems, we make 100% no-weld modular, high-quality adjustable components and systems that fit together easily to work around obstacles.

  • In-Line Joiner In-Line Joiner
    While you might have worked on a ‘standard’ site, we find that ‘standard’ is rare. So our innovation team prepared for contingencies. Our Swivel, Straight and 90-degree In-line Joiners will save you time, money (and head-scratching) when you hit an unexpected situation on site.
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  • DEXX® Locking Screw DEXX® Locking Screw
    Pedestrians, workers and visitors are safer on your site with our proprietary DEXX® locking screw. You can be assured your rails are tamper-proof and compliant and your site remains safe over the long term.
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  • The Tuffgard® Toeboard The Tuffgard® Toeboard
    Your workers and visitors stay safer with a well-designed toeboard to contain objects that might otherwise fall from heights above one metre.
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  • Adjustable Top Rail Fitting Adjustable Top Rail Fitting
    Pedestrians, especially the visually impaired, will enjoy a smoother-flowing rail with this Moddex innovation.
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  • Modular System Connectivity Modular System Connectivity
    Our modular components are designed to connect with each other. This means a more streamlined ordering and installation process for you, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind that your project is compliant.
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  • Ergonomic Connector Ergonomic Connector
    At Moddex, we challenged ourselves to reimagine the traditional handrail connection. We aimed to create a new industry standard by increasing safety for the end user while improving on the design aesthetic.
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  • Three Material Types Three Material Types
    Within our Industrial Handrail range (Tuffrail) we have three material types, that between them cater for pretty much any environment!
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  • Thread Protection Coating Thread Protection Coating
    Moddex connectors differentiation is in the thread protection coating that we apply after the hot dip galvanizing and thread cutting process.
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