DEXX® Locking Screw is a great example of Moddex’s customer-centric, innovative engineering in action.

Overcoming site-security issues such as vandalism and loose screw connections from vibration, the DEXX® Locking Screw provides a unique solution. Designed to create an automatic, long-lasting deadlock when screwed in, it’s only unlockable using a specific Moddex-supplied 5-star-drive connection DEXX® screwdriver.

  • DEXX® star drive – This unique 5-star drive connection provides a tamper-proof safety mechanism
    DEXX® Locking Screw replaces the traditional Hex screw across the entire Moddex modular barrier system range, giving maximum safety and tamper-proofing across your Moddex handrail and balustrade solution.
  • Knurled contact edge – Fine-tuned and tested and proven anti-vibration technology
    Thanks to DEXX’s advanced knurled-edge technology, the structural integrity of your site is guaranteed. The knurl edge allows for deadlocks which withstand even the most rigorous vibration tests.
  • Nylon thread patch – Extra safety that ensures a complete deadlock once the locking screw is in place
    With DEXX Locking Screws provided as standard, you can rest-assured you’ve equipped your team with the safest-possible site.

At Moddex®, we thrive on using our expertise in engineering design thinking to provide our customers with clever, easy-to-implement solutions. Enjoy 100% industry-compliance and peace of mind knowing you’re investing in the lowest-risk, longest-lasting barrier solution available.

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