Moddex’s answer to providing an ‘unrestricted movement of the users hand’ (AS/NZS 1657) comes in the form of the smooth-fitting, adjustable top rail fitting. Unlike the old traditional welded ball-joint, the top-rail fitting is designed to achieve uninterrupted, continual hand flow for the end user.  

Are you coming up against pre-fabricated components which don’t fit on site? No problem. Moddex’s adjustable top rail fitting can be adjusted to fit. Avoid wasting time and money on recutting, rewelding and re-installation. Moddex top rail fittings are fully-adjustable.  Our ergonomic design spans from level to 45 degrees and features rounded edges, along with strategic placement of screw beneath the rail. 

The structural integrity of your handrail and balustrade projects is maximised with Moddex no-weld technology.   

As part of the completely-modular Moddex range, the adjustable top rail complements all Moddex designs to deliver barrier systems which not only look stylish, but stand the test of time, too. 

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