At Moddex, we challenged ourselves to reimagine the traditional handrail connection. We aimed to create a new industry standard by increasing safety for the end user while improving on the design aesthetic.  

Placing screws on the underside of the rail rather than the top gives the connectors a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look and mitigates any risk of scrapes against screw heads.

Coupled with a smaller internal diameter for tighter tolerance, the Moddex Ergonomic Connection dramatically improves safety on impact, while delivering a smoother, safer, unimpeded flow for everyday use.

This image shows a traditional pipe clamp in comparison to the Moddex ergonomic/streamlined handrail connection.
This comparison shows the far reduced gaps and refinement in Moddex rail connectors compared to other products
Make sure its Moddex… The neater looks and finish are only the start!

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