To ensure smooth hand flow, strength and durability, Moddex handrail transitions are typically mandrel bent to suit site specific angles and dimensions.

Across our four manufacturing sites, we have invested heavily in CNC bending machines and technology.

Inferior handrail transition points are often assembled with coupling rather than mandrels bends in the critical load bearing transition areas of a handrail.

This increases the chance of a handrail failing or coming loose in time and does not provide a neat finish that fits well into the hand (aside from the fact it looks bad!)

Comparison images of Moddex mandrel bent transitions, versus bulky elbow fittings

Mandrel bending is an advanced method for forming pipe into radius bends whilst supporting it internally with a steel plug call a Mandrel.

The mandrel is located in such a way that it maintains the shape of the pipe, and prevents ugly creases and flattening of the material during the bending process.

Video of a Moddex mandrel pipe bend being performed