Specification has and always will play a critical role in shaping construction outcomes. We understand that compliance is non-negotiable and that you want to be confident in your decision making.

That’s why Moddex make it easy to specify compliant and functional handrail and balustrade.

Moddex has been a product partner with NATSPEC & MasterSPEC for many years and for a very good reason – they are well known for their precision, clarity and reliability.

The NATSPEC and MasterSPEC branded worksections are kept up-to-date offering quality to the Australian and New Zealand Standards.

What is NATSPEC?

NATSPEC is a national not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the design, build, construct and property industry through professional associations and government property groups.

NATSPEC maintains the National Classification System to assist specification writers organise the content of specifications, and their users to find the information they need.

Furthermore, NATSPEC develop technical branded worksections in conjunction with industry manufacturers (i.e., Product Partners like Moddex). Using the same classification number as the generic worksection, this gives specifiers an alternative option when a particular product has been selected at the design stage.

What is MasterSPEC?

Masterspec is New Zealand’s most trusted specifications platform because it provides specification systems and supporting software for the construction industry. There are seven libraries on the Masterspec system consisting of over 1,000 work-sections, each structured in consultation with experienced industry professionals.

In addition, Masterspec partners with industry manufacturers (known as Masterspec Product Partners) – including Moddex, to create technical branded work-sections.

Masterspec have developed a feature called Masterspec Work Section Support, which enables you as the designer to have the option of selecting a contact icon, where you can request your supplier’s assistance to execute specification tasks, including the option to edit, comment and replace Work Sections. For example, when writing your handrail and balustrade requirements, simply request assistance from Moddex (#4852ME) and our trusted Design Team will write the handrail and balustrade requirements directly into your project specification. Follow our step-by-step Work Section Support Allocation Guide and see the benefits for yourself!

Why use a Branded Worksection?

Save Time…Ensure Quality…
Minimal customising required as the branded worksection template has been approximately 90% pre-edited.
Reduce research time by linking directly to current product information via hyperlinks in the branded worksection.
Rely on the NATSPEC & MASTERSPEC industry knowledge and regular updates of relevant standards and building codes.

Reduce the risk of product substitution as the unique performance characteristics of the product are clearly specified.

Product Conformity

The National Construction Product Register (NCPR) is an online searchable database of construction products with evidence to support claims of testing and/or conformity to relevant Australian and international standards.

Benefits of using conforming products and practices include; risk minimisation, quality assurance, safety assurance, less re-work and project delivery on time and budget.

Moddex can be found on the NCPR under 055 Fixtures – Moddex.

Moddex Specification Support

We believe in working as your partner throughout a project. As experts in our field we are here to assist you with compliance advice and worksection support.