When you’re planning for balustrades at your project or site, you need to consider the following key design issues, so users are safer, you enjoy a cost-effective railing system and you delight your clients with the lowest total cost of ownership.

This is an example of what our CAD team do to ensure everything fits on site – The finest of details are resolved before one piece of steel is cut to size. This is one of 4 x fire escape egress stair structures that will become a critical piece of infrastructure for the Forrestfield Airport Link Tunnel in Perth, Australia. Product featured is the proprietary Conectabal CB30 system

Safety and compliance

Safety is a key factor. You want to ensure that people are safe wherever they travel on your site or sites. And compliance is paramount.

The environment

Will your railings be exposed to harsh coastal conditions or in areas with chemical fumes? Are they inside a warehouse? Bordering a cycle path?

Each situation requires specific design features, so you keep workers, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers safe, and your site is compliant.

Long-term maintenance costs

The ideal for you and your clients is to offer the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. Low maintenance costs are essential. With Moddex modular railings, it’s easy to strip out a damaged piece and replace it.


Whatever your style, you want your balustrades and railings to look good. Moddex technical advisers and designers can help with colours, finishes and configurations.


You have access to a wealth of resources including NATSPEC and Masterspec branded work-sections, specification sheets, technical data, compliance certificates, 2D & 3D CAD files, Tekla, Revit and ArchiCAD BIM tools. Click here to download 

Partner with Moddex

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