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  • Shared pedestrian paths
    Shared pedestrian paths
  • Sports and recreation centres
    Sports and recreation centres
  • Service platforms, roof service areas and fall edges
    Service platforms, roof service areas and fall edges
  • Warehouses and loading bays
    Warehouses and loading bays
  • DDA access ramps and stairs
    DDA access ramps and stairs
  • Fire and access stairs
    Fire and access stairs
  • Schools and Universities
    Schools and Universities
  • Safety railing for mezzanine
    Safety railing for mezzanine
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
    Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Public transport and sightseeing
    Public transport and sightseeing
  • Community and recreation centres
    Community and recreation centres


Excerpt from Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2021

Allow your blind or visually impaired pedestrians to navigate your site safely and securely.

We’ve included some key information from Australian Standard 1428.4:2009 and New Zealand Standard 4121:2001 to save you some time when you’re working to make your site compliant.

You can see at a glance where you need compliant railings and balustrades.

For compliant railings, kerbrails and balustrades compliance, the relevant sections you need from Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2021 are:

10.3 (e) Ramps

10.3 (i) Ramps and intermediate landings

12 (i) Handrails

From New Zealand Standard 4121:2001 are:

8.3 Stair Design

Figure 22

Figure 23

8.6 Handrails 

PS1 documents also available. Request these today! 

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The Assistrail range can be customised with Connectabal, whilst ensuring compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standards.

View projects where this custom combination has been installed:

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