When you’re in a business of fabrication, you want to win projects with the best margin opportunities and keep your clients happy and satisfied, so they return again and again.

Fabricating handrails, guardrails & balustrades can be time consuming and costly, and a qualified tradesperson and welders’ time is better utilised fabricating structural steel. Moddex offer compliant, proprietary, modular handrail and balustrade systems that deliver many safety and cost benefits for you.

We give you certainty of:

  • Quality & Compliance
  • In-stock & available with fast turn arounds
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to install.
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • Design Support

Safe cost-effective railings

Our modular, no-weld innovative balustrades and handrails deliver better safety and cost benefits. We’re experts in our field so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that all installations comply with the most rigorous Australian and New Zealand Standards.

No welding, no hot works permits, and no site shutdown minimises time on site.

Maintenance is simplified – and repairs are quick. Simply swap out the damaged part.

Minimise time on site and protect your margins

With Moddex modular barrier systems, install is simple, quick and efficient – 50% faster than traditional methods.

The no-weld build means there’s no cutting or welding required on site. This eliminates the risk of toxic fumes and the need for site management or shutdowns.

A faster install means you lower your costs and improve your margins – keeping your team focused on the main game.

Compliant handrail systems and the quality you expect

Details matter in modular handrails. Our product design engineers have an obsessive attention to detail. They’re constantly analysing and working to improve our product range, from clamps to balustrades, to ensure a top-quality, compliant product. You can be satisfied that the quality of our product meets your expectations.

Design Support

Moddex handrail systems can be designed and manufactured from your 3D BIM model, improving accuracy.

Rapid delivery