While you might have worked on a ‘standard’ site, we find that ‘standard’ is rare. So our innovation team prepared for contingencies. Our Swivel, Straight and 90-degree In-line Joiners will save you time, money (and head-scratching) when you hit an unexpected situation on site.

At Moddex, we project manage our clients and installer networks through the most complex handrail and balustrade installations. Our In-line Joiner family responds to both common and unexpected on-site challenges – an industry first.

Moddex In-line Joiners are designed to navigate both unforeseen site conditions and common everyday challenges. To circumvent unplanned obstacles on site, the Swivel In-line Joiner provides internal expansion from 0-90 degrees. Together with Straight In-line and 90-degree joiners, we can overcome any on-site challenge and simplify any complex handrail or balustrade installation.

In line Joiner Comparison Image - Moddex Vs Traditional Method

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