Circulation Space for Wheelchair Turns – 30° to 90°

Under the Australian Standards of AS1428.1-2009, wheelchairs require a minimum circulation space whenever attempting a 30° to 90° turn.

These degrees of turn are split into two parts within the standards: 60° to 90° & 30° to <60°.

Under Clause 6.5.1, the circulation space required for a wheelchair to make a 60° to 90° turn shall not be less than 1500mm wide and 1500mm long in the direction of travel. A space splayed across the internal corner can be allowed for. The following images below show different angles of change in direction, ranging from 60° to 90°.

Under Clause 6.5.2, where the angle of turn is 30° but less than 60° and the width of the path of travel is less than 1200mm, a splay of 500mm x 500mm is required on the internal corner of the pathway. The image below shows a path less than 1200mm wide with a change of direction of 35°.

These circulation spaces must allow for any items that may protrude into the pathways, including handrail & balustrade systems.

The multiple handrail & balustrade systems that Moddex supply do have varying protrusion lengths between each system, which can affect how wide a pathway needs to be constructed to.

Make sure to check exactly what these system protrusions will be by contacting Moddex on 1800 663 339, or consult the Hot Design Tip.