Clip-on walkway system transforming bridge safety and maintenance

Here at Moddex, we are constantly looking at new techniques, processes, and designs to evolve and make our clients lives easier and safer.

Working alongside New Zealand’s largest rail transport operator, KiwiRail, we gained insight into the challenges the market was facing with safety, compliance and maintenance on rail bridges.

The Challenge. What did we find out?

There are a large number of bridges on the network that required handrails for the safety of inspectors and maintenance staff working on the bridge. However, the walkway is either non-existent or non-compliant and in need of an upgrade. Some existing walkways are badly deteriorated or not up to current standards.

The second issue was the time and expense required to install traditional systems.  Existing walkways are often attached to long cantilever sleepers, meaning the walkway needed to be removed before replacing the intermediate sleepers. This meant that periodic replacement of intermediate sleepers was a lot more involved, and it was more hazardous with no walkway while carrying out the works. Other existing solutions are  custom engineered for each bridge which involves extensive drilling to structures, is very time consuming and incurs large costs.

Living to our core value, “Stare down the challenges” Moddex went to work on coming up with a solution that cut maintenance time and costs, was safe, durable and guaranteed compliance.

The Solution

Moddex are excited to offer a game-changing cantilevered clip-on walkway and handrail system, that can retrofit on any I-beam bridge structure.

Introducing KlipTread™ – A fully compliant, pre-engineered walkway and handrail system. With type approval on the KiwiRail network and available off-the-shelf as a fast-install, modular kitset. Kliptread has no need for specialist trades, scaffolding, drilling or hot works on site. Installs will now be easier, many times faster and at a lower ongoing cost than previous custom engineered walkway solutions.

Developed in partnership with KiwiRail, the unique design utilises ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel that will transform bridge safety.

We see that Kliptread has the potential to radically transform bridge maintenance and safety across a range of industries in New Zealand and across the world.

The clip-on design caters to a wide range of users and applications. There is opportunity in our fast-developing transport and construction industries as we look to potential future partnerships with universities, research agencies and our own in-house engineers to meet needs in an evolving, changing world.

When safety is number one, and downtime is costly, you need access to an innovative system you can trust and you can trust in Kliptread.

If you would like to know more about the Moddex Kliptread-Walkway and Handrail system and experience the benefits of a complaint, pre-engineered system – talk to our team today!