Moddex anti-climb and anti-throw infill panels reduce risk of criminal damage


A baluster is a vertical bar that, when used in series, support a handrail, and Australian standards for compliant handrail dictate the size and spacing of balusters. 

The challenge for many projects is that most handrails, while compliant, are not ‘anti throw’ or ‘anti climb’. They can be easily scaled by individuals wishing to access off-limit areas and individuals with mischievous intentions can get an object such as a rock or a bottle through the balusters and drop the object onto a passing vehicle or train. 

In Australia, the cost of criminal damage – the category that includes offences such as graffiti and vandalism – is huge. The Australian Institute of Criminology estimated the total number of criminal damage offences to be 1.47m with a cost of $2.7b, or $1,853 per incident. 

Moddex are the leaders in modular, no-weld handrail and barrier systems in Australia and New Zealand. Forward looking and thriving on complexity, Moddex is continually looking for better ways to do things, and have developed modular, pre-engineered mesh infill panels that integrate with existing Moddex barrier systems and meet specific anti-throw and anti-climb criteria. 


Working with Metro Trains in Melbourne, Moddex developed 450mm mesh screening that capped 1200mm concrete parapets to prevent climbing. What started as a rail requirement has evolved into a broader solution to limit unauthorised access or for any elevated section above a road or railway.  

Barrier systems for cycleways have long been problematic as handlebars can get caught in the vertical balusters. Until now, the risk to cyclists was reduced by installing a 150mm shoulder offset rail off the barrier that prevented cyclists from getting too close to balusters. Moddex mesh infill offers a safer and more cost-effective solution as handlebars cannot get caught and as no shoulder offset is required, the usable width of the cycleway is increased.  

Moddex is still in the product refinement phase and wishes to understand the full breadth of application for mesh infill panels. As a customer-driven organisation, Moddex is actively seeking enquiries from any organisation with a potential application for mesh infill panels, and our development team would be delighted to learn about your specific challenges and to collaborate in developing modular, pre-engineered solutions. 

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