Moddex balustrade installed at Burwood Brickworks – the world’s most sustainable shopping centre

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is an international sustainable building certification program created in 2006 by the non-profit International Living Future Institute. It is described by the Institute as a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that promotes the most advanced measurement of sustainability in the built environment. It can be applied to development at all scales, from buildings – both new construction and renovation – to infrastructure, landscapes, neighbourhoods and communities. 

The end goal of the LBC is to encourage the creation of regenerative buildings that: 

  • Connect occupants to light, air, food, nature and community 
  • Are self-sufficient and remain within the resource limits of their site 
  • Create a positive impact on the human and natural systems that interact with them 

The Challenge is an attempt to raise the bar for building standards from doing less harm to contributing positively to the environment. 

The LBC is the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard. To be certified under the Challenge, projects must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements, including net zero energy, waste and water, over a minimum of 12 months of continuous occupancy. 

Fraser Property Australia is aiming for its Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre to be the first retail building worldwide to achieve full certification under the Living Building Challenge. The 12,900 square metre development will achieve certification if energy consumption is lower than energy produced, all water is recycled and 20% of the site is dedicated to food growing and meets a high standard of general sustainability practice. 

Sustainable practices include mulching excess organic material for compost, closed-loop technology for recycling wastewater, eliminating produce transportation by growing on site, rooftop solar panels and offsite renewable energy sources, avoiding the use of worst-in-class chemicals to reduce air pollution and obtaining a 6 Star Green Star Community rating. 

Moddex are delighted to have been selected as a contractor to the Burwood Brickworks project and supplied balustrade systems throughout the project including car parks, trolley bays, loading bays and the Childcare Centre. 

To be selected as a contractor, Moddex had to initially satisfy local content and local job creation targets, demonstrate compliance with relevant Australian standards and confirm currency of its ISO accreditation. This was followed by an exhaustive compliance review of the composition and manufacturing processes for all products and componentry. 

The Moddex balustrade was attractive to project managers as the modular build meant no on-site welding and no release of toxic chemicals or fumes during installation. The modular build ensured fast installation and tremendous on-site flexibility, and the Moddex team spent 180 hours on site for measurement and installation over an elapsed 6-month period. 

The opportunity to participate in the build of the world’s most sustainable shopping centre underscores Moddex’s commitment to quality, sustainability and the environment, and highlights our unique capability to participate in future sustainability projects in Australian and New Zealand. 

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