Bridge 127

Project Background:

There are a large number of bridges on the KiwiRail network that require a walkway and handrails for the safety of inspectors and maintenance staff working on the bridge.

However, the walkway is often non-existent or non-compliant and in need of an upgrade. Some existing walkways are badly deteriorated or not up to current standards.

Bridge 127, located in the Bay of Plenty, is one of the many bridges that was in need of a new walkway and handrail system. Moddex supplied 60m of our proprietary clip-on walkway & handrail system, KlipTread.  

Why was Moddex selected?

Fast and Easy to Install

Existing walkway solutions are custom engineered for each bridge which involves extensive drilling to structures, is very time consuming and incurs large costs. The Moddex KlipTread system, specially designed with KiwiRail to overcome traditional long-winded and difficult walkway installation, cut downtime to a fraction of previous walkway installs, with the install being completed within a day, rather than weeks.

Safe and Compliant

KlipTread has been type approved, meaning the solution is approved for use on the KiwiRail network. It is pre-engineered, certified and comes with a complete PS1. KiwiRail could be rest-assured that the walkway system would be reliable, safe and compliant.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to know more about our Kliptread Walkway and Handrail system and experience the benefits of a complaint, pre-engineered solution, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!