The benefits of aluminium handrails and balustrades are compelling

With a reputation for innovation and engineering excellence in modular handrail and balustrades, and in a market historically been dominated by steel, Moddex are excited to offer its entire product range in aluminium. 

Aluminium is about one-third of the weight of steel and while steel is technically stronger, aluminium has a superior strength to weight ratio and is well suited to handrail and balustrade applications, particularly in elevated structures where engineers and architects are looking to minimise weight loadings. 

Aluminium creates a passivation layer that helps it resist oxidation and corrosion. In physical chemistry, passivation refers to a material becoming “passive”, that is, less affected or corroded by the environment of future use. On contact with oxygen in the atmosphere, aluminium naturally forms a thin surface layer of aluminium oxide which creates a physical barrier.  This protects the metal from further oxidisation and gives aluminium its high resistance to corrosion and makes it an excellent candidate for handrail and balustrade installations in corrosive coastal environments and water treatment plants. 

Outstanding corrosion resistance means that aluminium requires less maintenance than steel and galvanised product. This is of particular benefit for installations in regional and remote areas, or where access for maintenance is difficult, time consuming or problematic, and the total lifetime cost of ownership of aluminium is significantly reduced due to lower maintenance cost. 


There are also a range of benefits that will resonate with project managers. The installation of handrail and balustrade is often an end-of-project task. Pressure is high and last-minute compliance and installation issues can lead to unnecessary and costly delays on site. 

Being lightweight and modular, handrails and balustrades can be installed fast, often by one person. This ease of handling is of particular benefit when working in confined spaces. 

Despite everyone’s best efforts, issues sometimes arise that require an on-site fix. With traditional steel or galvanised handrail, any cut must be treated to protect the metal from corrosive attack. As aluminium develops its own protective layer, modifications are faster and more flexible as there is no wasted time in treatment application and drying. 

If you’d like to know more about Moddex aluminium handrails and balustrades, and experience the benefits of set-and-forget installations with less demanding maintenance at a comparable cost to traditional steel product, talk to our expert team by calling us on 1800 663 339 or email with your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.