Team Culture

Moddex has an amazing team culture, an oasis of camaraderie and togetherness, using our core values as building blocks we have created an atmosphere that is gossip-free, it’s collaborative, it’s creative, it’s fun and it’s productive.


The Moddex Muster

Our annual get-together where our entire team comes together for a two-day event at the start of each year which typically comprises of a day of fun and a day of learning. At the muster we also roll out our theme for the year, which aligns the team to what will be our core focus for the year

Our Core Values

How do you describe our company culture in just a few words?
Our core values do just that.
Why? Because our team created them together!

We passionately believe that these words embody us, and we judge our behaviors by them.
This is the foundation on which our future successes and reputation for integrity are built on.