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Low-risk modular balustrade and handrail systems

One reason our clients return to us again and again is that we work as partners with them to identify risks and provide a solution. We believe we’re the lowest-risk supplier of handrail and balustrade systems in Australia and New Zealand. NATSPEC, Masterspec and Revit files, with BIM and CAD support, make it easy for you to specify Moddex products.

Less time on site for better margins

Our no-weld handrail and balustrade systems means no hot works permits, no toxic fumes and no site shutdown, which contributes to the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Repairs to damaged handrails take no time at all. Simply remove and replace.

Stay Compliant

You have the confidence of knowing all components are fully compliant with strict Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Innovative product engineering

We’re continually looking for a better way. We’re happy to share our innovative product engineering and test results with you to prove we’ve analysed every aspect of our components.

Can we help with modular no-weld railings?

Get in touch for tender support or technical advice or download our brochure. Our knowledgeable team is here for you.

Our Products

Unlike traditionally welded alternatives, our proprietary modular handrail & balustrade designs eliminate design and engineering costs and onsite fabrication issues while reducing installation costs.


Be it civil or infrastructure projects, public pathways, sports stadiums or commercial or educational buildings, Moddex has installed modular handrail and balustrade systems.