ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit & Tekla Downloads to Speed Up Design

Downloadable Design Files to Speed Up Project Design and Reduce Risks

It’s a constant battle! Architects, project designers and specifiers aiming to save time and eliminate non-compliance yet produce accurate drawings that are more likely to receive client sign-off. At Moddex, we can help with our free downloadable ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit & Tekla design files

We are the country’s largest manufacturer of a range of high-quality, proprietary modular handrails and balustrades for commercial situations. We supply downloadable files to any design professional who needs to specify balustrade and handrail components on commercial design projects. These files are compatible with all major automated drawing software – ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit, Tekla etc. Instead of manually drawing a handrail or balustrade, designers can choose the one that best suits their needs from the family of products and configure the correct sized components within their design. 

Customers report our Moddex family of files makes the design process more intuitive, comprehensive and model well, thus saving time. This makes it easy for architects, detailers and builders to incorporate Moddex products into drawings at the start of projects.

Examples where designers have used Moddex files include a road and bridge project, where compliance with the height requirements for cycle and pedestrian barriers was crucial. They are also ideal for preschools and childcare centres where ramp and handrail requirements may differ from other commercial projects. Customers also specify Moddex handrails into functional areas, where compliant handrails rather than architecturally designed ones are required. That way, they can be confident that the components meet all height and other safety requirements. 

Using Moddex downloadable files, designers no longer need to build their own family of products for use in design drawings. Our files make the design process more intuitive and users can be certain they will be compliant with any and all regulations and standards. 

Ease of Use, Speed and Accuracy

On large infrastructure projects with many complex handrails, guardrails and balustrades, this can be especially useful. Designers can choose from the massive range of options and components while their drawings come to life in 3D. This all helps the end customer visually understand what the final result will end up looking like, speeding up the approval process.

At Moddex, our customers say the downloadable files ensure accuracy, remove risk and reflect the true geometry of the site. The products are adaptable to all purposes and the company offers plenty of support when needed. Plus, the products specified on the plans are exactly what arrives on the site. When designs are 100 percent accurate in all respects the possibility of delays is reduced. 

Architects keen to reduce the time it takes to detail such components and the risk of non-compliant or non-fitting components are more frequently turning to downloadable files. And with the entirety of Moddex’s vast range of products available from our website, every project where ramps, stairs or walkways are needed can be easily and speedily specified with high quality, fully compliant, modular handrail and balustrade products.