Commercial balustrades and industrial handrails – A Process that Guarantees Everything Fits™

When Everything Fits™ – Save Time, Money and Stress

Moddex is a world leader in commercial and industrial handrail and balustrade systems because it has developed a system that ensures everything fits™. Sound simple? There is more involved than you might think!

The modular system of handrails and balustrades developed and manufactured by Moddex is much more than the sum of its parts. Certainly, they are beautifully designed, ergonomic, hard-wearing and long-lasting. Yes, they will save project managers, architects and engineers time and money. More importantly, however, everything fits™. And we don’t just mean the components. We’re talking about the Moddex process that makes the entire customer experience smooth, solves problems and guarantees compliance.

It starts at the planning stage. When Moddex receives a plan from a customer, be they an architect, project manager or civil engineer, the design team identifies the different systems that will be used, matching them to the correct Moddex system configuration numbers and marks up the plan accordingly. The resulting quote contains detailed information about how many metres, and what the mount types of each configuration will be, removing all the guesswork! Moddex’s plan mark-up system is unique in the industry and enables you to see exactly how the modular barrier system will fit into the overall design. This level of detail quickly identifies any misconceptions about aspects such as whether a handrail backs onto a wall or is protecting a fall zone.  

The detailed plan mark-up forms the basis of a detailed site measure, and then, design intent drawing in which the plans are shown in 3D from different angles with all the dimensions clearly detailed. This design intent process provides a visual check that everything is correct and streamlines the production and installation process. It is usual for there to be several iterations of this document until all the bugs are ironed out and everyone is happy that everything fits™. Once the design intent drawing is signed off, our drafting team proceed with shop drawings and a detailed installation set out. 

There is no chance whatsoever, of you, as a Moddex customer, being sent boxes and bundles of parts without any kind of guide for installation or design intent to work from! 

Above is an example of Moddex Install Drawings

Research and Development Key Component in Process 

Not content to already be the market leader in terms of processes and modular product, Moddex invests heavily in R&D. 

It has an in-house new product development (NPD) team made up of representatives from sales, operations, project delivery, drawing, R&D and management. A key part of their job is to discuss, investigate and filter the many ideas for new products and improvements that other members of team are encouraged to contribute. 

An industry first, the collective experience of the NPD team ensures Moddex remains ahead of the industry needs, always looking at new ways to make everything fit even better.  

Specify Moddex on your next project 

The Moddex modular handrail and balustrade system is more than a collection of great looking, easily installed and compliant components. It is a cleverly crafted system that begins with carefully designed plans and continues right up to installation – The way we do business is unrivalled in the industry.