Handrail requirements to ensure compliance on Stairways and Ramps

Under NZBC Clause D1 (Access Routes), Handrails shall be provided on both sides of accessible stairways and on both sides of accessible ramps where the ramp slope is steeper than 1 in 20. The handrails shall be continuous except where doors are located on landings. This is shown below in Figure 9 and 25.

Handrails shall also have the same slope as the pitch line, begin no further than the second riser from the lower end of the stairway, and extend the full length of the stairway they serve. Except that, where the handrail serves an accessible stairway or accessible ramp, a minimum of 300mm horizontal extension shall be provided at each end of the handrail, also shown below in figures 9 and 25.

The first riser shall be located a sufficient distance back from the corner where the two walls meet, to accommodate the extended handrail, as shown in Figure 25.

The image below shows our Assistrail AR45 product on a 30° stair with the handrail turned through 180° closure bend at the top & bottom of the stair.

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