Moddex – a Game-changer in the handrail Industry

When choosing a supplier for a large project there are numerous factors to consider. Here’s how Moddex stands out. 

1. Modular Configurations 

Moddex is the only company in our industry with an end-to-end modular system offering. By being modular, our systems can be configured in whatever way is needed to fit the demands of the project, while still meeting compliance standards such as the National Construction Code and Australian and New Zealand Standards. 

Other companies in our industry sell the individual pieces and materials rather than pre-engineered and pre-configuration systems. The wide variety of Moddex configurations are designed to leave no grey areas around compliance, and to give ultimate peace of mind to the contractor and asset owners. 

2. Customisation that Meets Challenges

Our customers tell us that they come back time and again because we are nimble and innovative. Our highly systemised processes mean we can uncover issues that customers may not be aware of, innovate solutions at short notice, and help scope out and solve problems early.  

We do not come from the perspective of attempting to sell on-hand inventory. We do not give ‘average’ customer service or charge for site inspections. Instead, we prefer to work alongside our customers to deeply understand their problems and come up with solutions that suit their needs and their budget. 

The recent Skyrail project in Melbourne is a case in point. An elevated platform walkway system was subject to weight constraints and we solved loading issues by innovating a proprietary, pre-engineered modular system and creating a new walkway support bracket. We developed a bespoke casting which enabled the bracket to fix to the handrail post whilst providing the support and structural strength required for the walkway. Problem solved! 

3. Unique Design Process  

Another reason project managers choose Moddex over the competition is because of our end-to-end design process that our competitors cannot match. We de-risk it by providing clarity of information and high levels of communication that ensure no information is lost. The speed of our process ensures a level of certainty that means project managers can be confident the entire operation will run smoothly and harmoniously, on time and within budget. By doing it quickly and well, everyone in the process benefits. 

Specifically, our design process is structured to ensure compliance, we ensure that the way architects specify the project is exactly the way it gets built onsite, and that questions arise at the right point in the process so fewer mistakes are made, saving time and money. 

Example of Install Drawings

4. Open Communication 

We understand that handrails can be an afterthought, so we make certain to be transparent in our process from start to finish. We go out of our way to provide information, tools and files that help our customers attain the results they are looking for. We answer questions promptly and fully to ensure there is no miscommunication or decisions made that later need to be revised.  

It’s fair to say that communication is a big part of what we do. You won’t find us too busy or unable to be reached at the exact moment you need clarification on an issue. Because we take time to understand the job, we are responsive, quick and easy to get along with. Customers tell us our communication is outstanding, that they are used to people walking away from problems. But, at Moddex, we face them head-on and always work to find a solution. 

5. Quality Materials Guaranteed 

We track and trace all materials used in our products to ensure our extremely high standards are met. We know the origin of all our raw materials and guarantee their quality. We do not believe in cutting corners and making handrails or barriers (that are designed to save lives) from inferior materials. 

6. Installation second to none 

Proper installation is critical. We are proud of our install teams and back them to deliver neat and compliant installations every time. As we like to say, what matters most is what happens on site. 

At Moddex, our mission is not to accept the status quo. Instead we are always looking to lead change in our industry. Contact us for your next project and find out how.