Moddex gets healthier at work

The leadership team at Moddex are committed to improving the workplace culture and the wellbeing of employees. We want to retain and invest in our people – and this includes their wellbeing. This year we reached the Top 6 on Australia’s Best Workplaces list for 2021 in the small business category by Great Place to Work® Australia New Zealand. Next year’s goal is to make Moddex one of the Top 5 Best Places to Work!

We realise that having healthy staff means a healthy business and are taking proactive steps to encourage a vibrant and active workplace. Not only does it benefit the individual and the employer but our clients reap the benefits of an engaged & motivated team.

Supporting healthier choices

Moddex provides an array of fresh fruit and nuts as a convenient alternative to other snacks for employees to support them with making healthy choices. 

Additionally, we provide full kitchen facilities to prepare food and drink in support of healthy cooking. There are dining areas available so that staff are not spending time eating lunch at their desks but instead get away from their computer screens.

dining room.jpg

As many of our employees work in the office, sitting at desks and looking at screens – fitness is not always the first thing to come to mind. In order to reduce the amount of time spent sitting we have implemented sit-stand desks to encourage the team to try and move throughout the day. This has also spurred on other activities such as; holding standing team meetings and moving the printer away from workstations. 

We recognise a sit-stand desk can not be considered as the ‘cure-all’ for obtaining enough physical activity during the day and to help overcome this we have introduced the ability for staff to take three half hour sessions a week (paid time) to either hit the on-site gym or go for a walk.

We informally encourage a buddy system in the gym both for safety reasons and also to keep each other accountable and motivated to attend! There are shower facilities and water refill stations on site also.

We have found that staff have more energy and positive after a quick visit to the gym or a walk outside in the fresh air.

We look forward to offering further initiatives in the near future through our commitment to wellbeing and work/life balance.