Moddex modular handrails and balustrades

As an engineer, you need certainty when you’re looking for handrails and balustrades for outdoor use.

Moddex modular barrier systems can give you certainty of:

  • top-quality product.
  • cost-effective product.
  • compliance.
  • supply and parts in stock.

Moddex won’t let you down.

Talk to our clients. We’ve completed hundreds of installations on infrastructure projects, much of it repeat business.

We believe we’re the lowest-risk supplier of barrier systems in Australia and New Zealand.

With Moddex, you have the confidence of knowing that the product you buy from us will be in stock, ready to meet your exacting time lines; it will be fully compliant; it will last longer; and it will be easier to maintain.

Safe and economical barrier systems

As designers and suppliers of modular, no-weld innovative balustrades and handrails, we can assure you that our products deliver better safety and cost benefits.

No welding on site means no hot works permits, elimination of toxic fumes and better safety all round. With no need to shut down your site, we’ll save you time and money. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that all our components are designed to be safe and quick to install. No jagged edges or random gaps mean a more weather-resistant modular barrier system.

And because our system is modular, should damage occur to a section, simply remove the damaged parts and replace them. All replacement parts are readily available for fast delivery. Just click the new components into place, then lock.

We’re proud to say our engineered modular systems offer the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any handrail and balustrade system on the market.

All components always in stock

With Moddex, you have the confidence of knowing that our strong in-stock position means we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Case study: Ringwood Station

The vibrant station precinct provides a seamless interchange and is a safer, more accessible and attractive place for people to live, work and visit.

Moddex offered real value to our client through the benefits of our modular system, CAD support, availability of testing and engineering certificates and reduced costs when compared to conventional handrail and balustrades.

We’re improving our no-weld barrier systems constantly

We’re always working to identify any minor design issues and correct them for better end user and installer experience. And always, compliance is non-negotiable. We’re experts in this field and deliver fully compliant installations.

We know that infrastructure projects are likely to present unique challenges, and with our design and regulatory expertise, active R&D and customer service, we are the first choice of engineers where there is any degree of engineering complexity in design, programming or resources.

We’re happy to share our engineering and test results with you. If we identify low-risk incremental improvements, we’ll always share those too. And if you have an idea that could improve our product, we’re happy to listen.

Partner with Moddex

Get in touch with our expert team or call us on 1800 663 339 (Australia) or 0800 663 339 (New Zealand). We’re here to help, whether you need a quote, technical advice or tender support.

Moddex: Leaders in no-weld modular handrails and balustrades.