Moddex Supplies Lesmurdie Senior High School, Western Australia

News Release Moddex collaborative handrail design wins the day. Moddex were selected for the supply of compliant handrail and barrier protection for stairs, ramps and the perimeter of new classrooms at Lesmurdie Senior High School, Western Australia.

Situated in the Shire of Kalamunda, Lesmurdie Senior High School caters for students from year 7 through to year 12. As part of the State Government’s transition of Year 7 students to secondary schools, Lesmurdie Senior High School procured new classrooms that required barrier protection for approaching pathways, ramps and stairwells.

Modular Assistrail barrier configurations to Australian Standard AS 1428.1/2009

Moddex modular barrier designs are preconfigured to connect as a system for level, rake or stair requirements. Available off the shelf for immediate installation, Assistrail AR30 and AR40 configurations were identified for compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and AS 1428.1/2009 for schools across designated pathways, ramps and stairwells.

Challenging product applications met through collaborative on-site design and compliance support.


During the initial on-site visit, Moddex consultants offered expert advice on improvements that could be made to design to ensure student safety and for compliance with Australian Standards. Several areas with either a sheer drop of over one metre, or close proximity to rocky terrain were identified as potential hazards that needed further consideration. As a follow through the Moddex design team collaborated with the architect to help in adjusting the specifications to include the additional fall protection, achieving a great outcome for all.

Minimal custom fabrication helps meet a tight schedule.

Moddex consultants were able to identify off-the-shelf Assistrail configurations for 95% of the school’s requirements, reducing custom fabrication to rake and flat transitions across landings and rest areas only. All standard components were then delivered well within the school’s tight year 7 transition scheduling, ready for immediate installation.

Why Moddex?

Through selecting Moddex, Lesmurdie Senior High School controlled custom fabrication costs and lead times to an absolute minimum. Assistrail configurations designed and pre-engineered for compliance, together with custom fabrication components, combined to deliver a fast and effective solution consistent with the architect’s aesthetic design.

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