Moddex supply proprietary balustrading systems to one of Australia’s largest pedestrian bridges

Moddex worked with Cairns Connect JV to design, manufacture and supply our proprietary balustrading systems with disability access for one of Australia’s largest pedestrian bridges.

Proprietary Modular Cost Benefits

Our proprietary modular designs enabled on-site delivery in conjunction with Cairns Connect JV’s six project phases, saving temporary edge protection costs, along with potential disruptions to construction productivity. Where measurement variations occurred, our systems offered installers quick and cost-effective measurement flexibilities to avoid costly project delays.

No-weld Investment Advantages

Our no-weld systems offer advanced safety benefits for installers, eliminating the need for hot works permits, fire spotters and reducing corrosion for long-term return on investment.

Achieving Shared Zone Compliance

Compliant with Austroads guidelines for cyclists and Australian Standard AS1428 for access and mobility, Moddex Bikesafe, Assistrail and Conectabal products were configured as one system for a shared pedestrian and cyclist zone with disability access.

Why Moddex?

  • Compliance with AS 1428 and Austroads guidelines safeguards against future public liability claims
  • Proprietary modular designs delivered in six phases to avoid disruption to construction productivity
  • On-site measurement flexibilities for swift and accurate installation, while eliminating unnecessary man hours and associated time delays
  • No-weld construction reduces corrosion and associated maintenance for long-term return on investment
  • No-weld construction enhances safety conditions for installers, while saving hot works permits and fire spotter costs
  • Temporary edge protection costs eliminated
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