Ramp Design Basics: What you need to know about ramp compliance

When it comes to accessibility solutions, ramp and stair design is a critical design component. Not only must these structures meet safety requirements, but they must also be durable and compliant with building codes and regulations to ensure a safe and secure space for all users. If poorly thought out, there could be serious emotional and financial cost associated with injury, permanent disability, or death should this design element be overlooked.

This is where the Moddex Ezibilt ramp, stair and walkway system comes into play. The Ezibilt system is designed to provide safe and compliant access for individuals with disabilities and mobility challenges, while also being built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. With a focus on ease of installation, the Moddex Ezibilt solution offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for ramp and stair design that meets all expectations for performance, safety, and compliance.

What rules and regulations comply?

In New Zealand, ramp and stair access is regulated by the Building Code, which sets out specific requirements for the design, construction, and installation of ramps and stairs in buildings and public spaces. In addition to the Building Code, the Accessibility Standard NZS 4121:2001 provides guidance on accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. This standard specifies criteria for the design of ramps and stairs to ensure that they are safe and accessible for people with a range of mobility impairments.

Factors to consider when designing ramps

When designing ramps, there are several important factors to consider to ensure they are safe and functional for all users, including:

  • Load Capacity
  • Slip Resistance
  • Material Type
  • Handrails
  • Compliance Regulations
  • Is there evidence that the solution is compliant?

Moddex has developed a guide Ramp Design Basics: What you need to know about ramp compliance, to assist architects, engineers, and builders in designing safe and compliant ramps. The guide outlines all of the essential factors to consider when designing a ramp and how the Moddex Ezibilt system meets the accessibility needs of a variety of settings and applications.

Working with a trusted supplier

Moddex are Australasia’s leading manufacturer of pre-engineered barrier and accessway systems. Pre-engineered for structural integrity, OUR proprietary systems are load tested and configured to Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS), Workplace Health and Safety guidelines (WHS/OSH), and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Ezibilt – Ramp, Stair and Walkway System

The Ezibilt™ Ramp, Stair & Walkway System is the ultimate pre-engineered, offsite manufactured solution for fast-tracked construction of accessibility stairs, ramps and decks. Adjustable and compatible to fit sloping site terrain with ramps and platforms having adjustable legs and stairs with adjustable stringers (both in length and angle) usable from 24° through to 38°, the Ezibilt system replaces traditional custom-built access ramps, stairs and decks and eliminates the time-consuming processes associated with site measuring, customised design, delivery and installation.

Manufactured off-site and installable with simple tools to achieve compliance to council regulations. Supplied with an engineering producer statement (PS1).