Are you worried about inefficiencies onsite due to COVID-19 Regulations?

Until recently, trades have all operated within the same space without the bat of an eye lid. As events unfold worldwide, we have seen a change to the way trades work in response to these external factors. The construction process has rapidly adapted to overcome the new restrictions and challenges that evolve with each project.

It’s a constant juggling act for Project Managers to ensure projects are completed on-time. In these unprecedented times comes added pressure – efficient and productive work has never been more important.

Here at Moddex we understand how important it is to efficiently manage contractors on-site with other trades, especially now with social distancing measures in place.  

With Moddex modular, no-weld systems, our promise to you is that our handrail systems are on average 50% faster to install on site when compared with traditional welded designs. This meaning less time on site is required for our install crews, and therefore less people on site, resulting in less risk and reducing the amount of management required. 

Moddex was so fast they were in and out before I knew they even arrived

One of our clients said: 

Unlike other modular systems on the market, Moddex modular kits come complete with custom-designed modular connecting components. Being modular, they’re adjustable, removing the potential of costly and time-consuming on and off-site customisation at installation stage. If obstacles occur at the time of installation, our innovative components like the in-line joiner, offer an easy fix and are quick and easy to install. Moddex modular solutions are 100% no-weld. Eliminating any on- or off-site cutting, power supply issues, obstructive welding tools or time-delaying site shutdowns.

We’ve got you covered. It is our Moddex way to work closely with you as your partner throughout the entire process. For a project manager, that means receiving compliant handrail with maximum flexibility, minimal disruption and meaningful cost savings, where EverythingFitsTM

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