Moddex Handrail & Balustrade – The go-to for Structural Steel Fabricators

When you’re in a business of fabrication, you want to win projects with the best margin opportunities and keep your clients happy and satisfied, so they return again and again.

Fabricating handrails, guardrails & balustrades can be time consuming and costly, and a qualified tradesperson and welders’ time is better utilised fabricating structural steel. Moddex offer compliant, proprietary, modular handrail and balustrade systems that deliver many safety and cost benefits for you.

We give you certainty of:

  • Quality & Compliance
  • In-stock & available with fast turn arounds
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to install.
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • Design Support

Compliant handrail systems and the quality you expect:

Details matter in modular handrails. Our product design engineers have an obsessive attention to detail. They’re constantly analysing and working to improve our product range, from clamps to balustrades, to ensure a top-quality, compliant product. You can be satisfied that the quality of our product meets your expectations.

As always, compliance is non-negotiable. Thanks to the many years of research, development, design and engineering behind every modular configuration, we guarantee your Moddex system will be 100% industry standard compliant.  

Minimise time on site and protect your margins

With Moddex modular barrier systems, install is simple, quick and efficient – 50% faster than traditional methods.

Our systems are made up of pre-manufactured components that are delivered to your site along with installation drawings.

The no-weld build means there’s no cutting or welding required on site. This eliminates the risk of toxic fumes and the need for site management or shutdowns.

A faster install means you lower your costs and improve your margins – keeping your team focused on the main game.

Check out what some of our customers say:

Good system that was easily adaptable with any changes or configurations made on site.

Everything went according to plan with the handrails and the client was very happy with the finished product. We will definitely use this system in the future if more of this type of work comes up.

Install went great… it all went smoothly and nothing was a problem to be honest! Love the speed and ease of the install.

Design Support

Moddex handrail systems can be designed and manufactured from your 3D BIM model, improving accuracy.

For example, on the Synlait Rakaia Factory extension, Moddex worked with Cashmere Engineering to supply our modular handrail system. We were able to design our handrails off their BIM model and detail the exact fixing points for the handrail baseplates onto the model. This eliminated drilling into the structure on site and meant complete galvanized sealing on the structure.

We also have design files available, where you can choose our handrail product that best suits your needs from our family of products and configure the correct sized components within your design. 

Our customers say the downloadable files ensure accuracy, remove risk and reflect the true geometry of the site.

Our design process is structured to ensure compliance, and to save you time and money.

Focus on your main game

Delivering high-value projects whilst not risking margins to ensure repeat business can be challenging. You need to be able to focus on the main game.

Partner with Moddex and rest assured that you will get quality, compliant handrail and balustrade products – on time and within budget. Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you!