Moddex: A national presence that gives you certainty

Time is money and every day you lose on a project comes with a huge cost attached – financial, opportunity and a reputation cost too.

There are many ways to reduce time and improve margins on a project – starting up the funnel through improved planning, collaboration with stakeholders, removing organizational bureaucracy but also, further down with suppliers and contractors.

From pre-manufactured components to fast kit-form installation – these supplier driven initiatives reduce time on-site and cost, but what about the piece in the middle?  Delivery.

Greater Control and Flexibility

Challenges often arise on site – unforeseen modifications and variations are inevitable.  Subsequently, the need for fast off-the-shelf components, predictable delivery times and cost-effective freight is a must.

Moddex has five office locations and four manufacturing locations in Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Canterbury, NZ.  With a national presence across the Eastern and Western seaboards of Australia and New Zealand means we can cost effectively dispatch materials from the warehouse that is closest to your location. By tapping into National, State and local freight companies within each region, we can also guarantee rapid delivery to site with tracking information.

Certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), each warehouse location follows the same production processes to ensure we provide the same seamless services on every job, every time. As a result, we can give you certainty of stock position, quality, compliance and client satisfaction.

Furthermore, there is greater control for the client. Should the need for a site visit arise, we can readily send our nationwide team to assist. 

Our extensive network of approved installers nationwide enables us to further support clients to the most regional and remote locations.

At the end of many jobs, deadlines become tight, so delays are not an option. By choosing us for install your products, we can ensure fast, compliant installation on-site without any corner cutting. We also supply care and maintenance information, product certification and warranty certificates.

All components always in stock

With Moddex, you have the confidence of knowing that our strong in-stock position means we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

About Moddex

Moddex is the leading supplier of low-risk, compliant modular balustrade and handrail systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Our modular barrier systems offer the industry’s lowest lifetime cost of ownership and we’re the first choice where any degree of engineering complexity in design, program or resources is needed.

Get in touch with our expert team or call us on 1800 663 339 (Australia) or 0800 663 339 (New Zealand). We’re here to help.

Moddex: Leaders in no-weld modular handrails and balustrades.