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Why there should be no barriers to installing modular barriers

Welding has been the traditional method of handrail, balustrade and barrier fabrication since the end of World War ll, when steel pipe manufacturing took off in Australia and New Zealand. It’s hot, time-consuming and dangerous work.

When Moddex introduced modular barrier systems to Australasia, the concept was little understood.

Over the years, more and more construction projects – from the largest infrastructure to schools, shopping centres and community spaces – have avoided the need for hot works permits, toxic fume safety procedures, site shutdowns and limited design life.

Moddex has always been innovating new solutions, staying ahead of Australian and New Zealand standards with proprietary and bespoke solutions, manufactured and customised offsite, with a process that makes sure Everything Fits – 100% no welding!

So, now, when you want fast, smart quality solutions, Moddex delivers:

On Time, On Budget

Our start-to-end process ensures you get the most competitive pricing, with adherence to strict budgets and timelines so your project runs smoothly.

Moddex CAD Design Process Icon

Ready-to-go Design Files

Our free, downloadable design files speed up project design and reduce risks.

Compliant and Configurable

We have created a series of flexible, adjustable configurations designed for standards compliance, and we can provide you with PS1 documentation, saving you money and time.

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Scoped for Success

We ensure every project specification is met and every potential hurdle identified, scoped out and solved early in the design modelling process.

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Fast and Easy Install

Installation times can, quite literally, be cut in half – all that is required is a battery-operated hand drill, eliminating the need for heavy tools.

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Swift Delivery

Our systems are easily shippable to your site, with replacement parts warehoused around Australasia.

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Off the shelf or Customised

We work with you from concept design to installation – even when unique challenges required us to develop new configurations.

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Forward Thinking

Moddex is all about projecting forward to new frontiers.

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