Palmview State Primary School & Special School

Moddex: Adapting to Change and Growth in Queensland

As part of the Queensland State Government’s ‘New Schools for 2021′ investment, Moddex was contracted in 2020 by ‘FK Gardner and Sons’ to help with the construction of Palmview State Primary School and Palmview Special School.

With a combined project value of $132 million, these new architecturally designed, state-of-the-art schools will be a key part of the providing important education infrastructure for now and the future in the Sunshine Coast, one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

Interconnecting Compliance and Adaptability

At Moddex, we continue to pride ourselves on our adaptability to change in an industry that often lacks certainty. Our streamlined end-to-end processes and innovative modular barrier systems are leading the way for large scale infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Our compliance team are meticulous when it comes to ensuring that every component of our modular systems are safe and compliant to the law. Moddex has you covered at every turn.

Just like any large infrastructure construction project, there are always challenges to face and problems to be solved. One of the greatest barriers that we overcame at Palmview, was our ability to quickly adapt to some last-minute changes made to the height of the balustrades.

The versatility of our modular, pre-engineered products allows us to adapt to sudden changes, remove delays and make projects run seamlessly. Moddex delivers flexibility to work around other trades and has the foresight to identify potential risks and find solutions to problems.

We give our clients peace-of-mind by ensuring that compliance is overseen at every turn, from in-house manufacturing to site installation.

The opportunity to participate in the building the future of QLD’s education infrastructure is something that we are proud to share and showcase.

Palmview State Primary School

Why was Moddex selected for the project?

The head contractor, FKG Palmview State Primary School & Palmview Special School was a returning client who chose Moddex because of our outstanding commitment to previous relationship and experience on similar projects.

Our pre-configured systems ensured that the job was low-risk, compliant and a low cost. The innovative nature of our modular systems means that our barriers are able to be modified to cater for any unique requirements. Our parts can be replaced if damaged and the need for disruptive onsite hot works or site closures is eliminated when you choose us.

Moddex has gained an industry reputation for our ‘turn key’ mode of operation, where everything fits together, removing delays and risks, optimising efficiency and affirming certainty every step of the way.

Products & Compliance

The Palmview Schools project was completed in compliance in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act and AS1428 using our durable modular systems. Products installed included Assistrail: Disability Handrails for safety in disabled-access areas, Conectabal: 1500mm high Commercial Balustrades.

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Palmview, Queensland


FK Gardner and Sons



Products Used

Assistrail® - Disability Handrails AR110, AR130,

Conectabal® - Commercial Balustrades CB10,

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Products Used